Every Blog Starts with its First Post

By Meghan Womack

Wow I’m blogging! I really never thought I would start a nutrition blog. It honestly didn’t seem like a worthwhile investment to me. With so many health and nutrition blogs out there with solid followings, how does one find satisfaction in writing and posting when it is absolutely possible that nobody will read it. Well, I’m still wondering this. I guess time will tell. But what I can say is that the challenge of putting a website together forced me to write a LOT about why I work in the field of nutrition and dietetics, what my philosophy is within the world of food and nutrition and how I want to help people on their journeys to find health and happiness. As dietitians, we often enter into our careers (at least I did) with very little idea of what our individual perspective is on health and nutrition. We were taught the science of nutrition and we were expected to use this information to help people make healthier choices. I have learned that my work is never that simple. More on this later. As I have gained experience as a registered dietitian, my perspective has developed and my philosophy has changed. Putting all of this into words has given me more insight on my approach to health and nutrition. Writing the content of the website was very much a worthwhile endeavor.

So now I find myself volunteering to write more in the form of a nutrition blog. What is the purpose of this blog? I’m not exactly sure. I am not particularly interested in giving hard and fast advice to folks, reposting nutrition guidelines and recommendations, or recipes. There is plenty of that kind of information already available on the internet. I hope to use this space to write about food, movement, nutrition, health, exercise, and everything in between. I hope the posts are interesting and funny to folks that read them. I hope these posts can stimulate thought and conversation that helps people to reconsider the norms of health and nutrition. I also hope that my musings inspire individuals to seek out my help as a nutritionist on their journey to improved health and happiness. Within all of that, I hope to discover more about my thought process about food and nutrition in order to better serve my clients and patients.